Hälsa CBD  EASE is crafted with the original flavor of OG hemp.  This unique aroma is created from terpenes, the compounds that bring smell and flavoring in Hemp. Inhale our OG Hemp and enjoy with EASE. This disposable vapor pen dosed with 230mg and combined with Organic MCT to prevent leakage and crystalization.

EASE OG HEMP Disposable Vapor

$43.00 Regular Price
$21.50Sale Price
  • Hemp derived cannabidiol, organic MCT oil, natural flavor


    • Servings: 125
    • MG/Serving: 1.85
    • MG/Container: 231 CBD

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Quality Control and Testing

Hälsa maintains a no compromise approach to offering only high quality, domestically produced and impurity-free CBD products. We maintain a rigorous quality control process and stringent purchasing requirements. We re-test both raw material and finished products, via third party labs, for purity (free of pesticides and heavy metals) as well as CBD content.

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